Illustration by Ross Macdonald

A New Caney woman got her hand stuck in a toilet, prompting emergency responders to remove the toilet, carry it outside, and break her hand free with a sledgehammer.

A cat named Harvey was found in Dallas nine months after he went missing from his home in Denver.

Spring Hill ISD approved the purchase of a $490,526 football scoreboard.

Administrators at Texas Tech started giving pigeons birth control medication to combat an excess of bird poop.

A man known only as “Mr. Gary” treated customers at a Fort Worth dessert shop to $1,000 worth of ice cream sandwiches on a busy Saturday night.

The city of Presidio fined a Dollar General store because its exterior lights violated a local “Dark Skies” ordinance.

A squirrel caused a power outage that affected more than two thousand people in Victoria.

A passenger on a United flight out of Houston was stung by a scorpion that supposedly fell on him from an overhead bin.

A Longview man found a purse with more than $700 inside and returned it to its owner, who then gave him money from the bag, which he intends to donate to his church.

A set of twins in the Woodlands were born fourteen days apart.