Illustration by Ross McDonald

Health inspectors found a breast implant stuffed inside a utensil holder at an Amarillo strip club.

A maintenance worker was trapped for three hours inside a Corpus Christi ATM he was repairing.

Two Waco EMTs who saw a 98-year-old woman mowing her front lawn stopped and finished the job for her.

A Tyler man was arrested after he showed up to jury duty drunk and carrying a cup of beer.

The Abilene Police Department purchased a police dog named Barco, who, despite his name, rarely barks.

Nesting egrets invaded a neighborhood in Arlington, showering residents with white feathers and bird poo.

A car smashed into the front of a Waco house that was recently renovated for the HGTV show Fixer Upper.

Two minors were arrested after they were caught rolling a marijuana joint in the parking lot of the Laredo Police Department headquarters.

A Baptist pastor from the Woodlands was charged with soliciting a prostitute.

A study by WalletHub named El Paso the best-run city in Texas.

Thirty snakes and a baby alligator escaped onto Interstate 35 near San Antonio after a van that was transporting them blew a tire and rolled over.