The Cameron County district attorney’s office arrested a man who had, over the course of nine years, stolen $1.2 million worth of fajitas from the local juvenile justice department.

A student at Glenda Dawson High School in Pearland was named homecoming queen and then kicked seven field goals at that evening’s football game.

A stolen dog named Ladybird was found in Portland, Oregon, and returned to her owners in Austin after being missing for three years.

School district trustees decided to change the name of San Antonio’s Robert E. Lee High School to LEE High School, short for Legacy of Educational Excellence.

A city councilman in Odessa refused to publicly reveal where he works.

A man at a strip club who was asked by a Travis County sheriff’s deputy about the white powder he was carrying replied, “It’s definitely cocaine, I just bought it,” and was promptly arrested.

An eighth grader in Denton was arrested after allegedly bringing marijuana cookies to school.

A Killeen ISD substitute teacher allegedly duct-taped the mouths of ten fifth graders.

A hunter in Union Grove shot and killed a 417-pound wild hog that had been tearing up his property for five years.