A family in College Station wrote an obituary in the local newspaper memorializing their beloved six-year-old chicken, Big Mama.

A Smith County man claimed he killed two undersized deer in self-defense after an attraction scent he used caused the animals to charge at him.

A Waco teen’s plan to rob a marijuana dealer went awry when the dealer pulled a gun and took the teen’s cellphone.

During an open house at a $3.2 million home for sale in Dallas’s Highland Park neighborhood, a burglar allegedly stole an $85,000 watch and a $3,000 bottle of cognac.

Odessa police officers were able to use a Whataburger receipt left in a stolen car to find security footage of the suspects using the restaurant’s drive-thru.

A woman set a new American record for a half-marathon by running Houston’s Aramco Half Marathon in 67 minutes and 25 seconds.

A couple in Kaufman allegedly stole a bottle of Hennessy from a liquor store by hiding it beneath a little girl, whom the man carried out in his arms while the woman distracted the clerk.

TSA agents at Houston’s Hobby Airport detained a Texas Tech student for making the school’s “guns up” salute after she noticed a fellow Red Raider while waiting in the security line.