An inmate sneaked out of federal prison in Beaumont, then was apprehended when he attempted to return with snacks, tobacco, alcohol, and home-cooked food.

A Texas State University student admitted that she flushed her hamster down the toilet at the Baltimore airport after an airline employee told her she couldn’t fly with it.

A San Antonio man facing a four-year prison term after his fourth DWI conviction argued in court that Texas’s legal blood alcohol concentration discriminates against alcoholics, because they can hold their booze better than nonalcoholics.

A Frisco man reunited with his long-lost sister after her heartfelt Facebook post searching for her biological family went viral.

A $1,500 cowboy dummy that was stolen from a Carrollton chicken restaurant mysteriously resurfaced there ten days later.

A Maltese that had been missing for eleven years was reunited with its owners in Garland.

A Robinson woman was arrested after she allegedly tried to stab her friend in the back with a fork.

Herman Furlough Jr. Middle School, in Terrell, banned open water bottles, cups, and other containers after students were caught filling them with alcohol.

The last Blockbuster Video store in Texas, which was located in Edinburg, closed.