Four baboons briefly escaped from a research facility in San Antonio by rolling a 55-gallon barrel next to a wall and using it to climb out of their enclosure.

Someone stole the grave marker memorializing an alien named Ned who supposedly crash-landed in Aurora in 1897.

A Brownsville man was sentenced to fifty years in prison for stealing more than $1.2 million worth of fajita meat from the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley won the Final Four of College Chess, defeating five-year reigning champs Webster University.

A bartender in Rowlett received a $24,000 legal settlement from her former employer after she was allegedly fired because the bar’s standard-issue body-hugging shirt and hot pants no longer fit her after she became pregnant.

A high school senior in Houston was offered full-ride scholarships to all twenty elite colleges and universities he applied to.

A small plane landed on a street and damaged some fences on San Antonio’s North Side after a wind gust lifted it past a nearby runway.

A long-forgotten cemetery was discovered when workers were excavating the land beneath the construction site for the Fort Bend Independent School District’s new career center.

A shih-poo puppy named Panda saved two preschool children in Austin when it took on a venomous coral snake approaching the patio where they were playing.

Wichita Falls police arrested a man after he burst out of a bathroom yelling, “I’m a snake!” and bit one of the officers.