Two unaccompanied goats that wandered into a Target store in Spring were removed without incident.

Customers of an Austin coffee shop lined up for cups of award-winning Panamanian Black Jaguar joe that cost $150 each.

A 24-year-old man who was arrested for stealing two emperor tamarin monkeys from the Dallas Zoo—making his getaway via the city’s light-rail system—said he loved animals and, once he was freed, would steal more.

A man who had been asleep in a van in San Antonio accidentally shot himself in the leg when he was startled awake.

A creepy-looking fish that washed up on the beach near Port Bolivar turned out to be a stippled spoon-nose eel, a.k.a. a snapper eel, a.k.a. Echiophis punctifer, normally a denizen of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fallstreak holes, rare phenomena that can occur when an airplane passes through cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds, leaving eye-catching round or elliptical holes, appeared over Luling.

A pretrial hearing held over Zoom was cut short by a Waco judge when the defendant appeared on-screen holding a gun to a cat’s head.

Bailey, a dog who had left home and had been missing for two days, showed up some ten miles away at the El Paso shelter from which she had been adopted and rang the doorbell.

Ikram Mohamed contributed research to this article.