An eleven-foot, six-inch alligator stalled traffic on U.S. 59 in Cleveland as it made its way across the highway.

A Fort Bliss Black Hawk helicopter accidentally dropped a box of ammunition through the roof of an elementary school in El Paso.

A Newton County man called 911 because his wife was making hamburgers again.

An elementary school in Wise County ended its tradition of sending students to the principal’s office to receive birthday spankings.

A Spring man who pretended to be a fire marshal, paramedic, constable’s employee, and firefighter while responding to calls in Jefferson County during Hurricane Harvey was convicted of impersonating a peace officer.

A pregnant Waco woman went to the hospital expecting to have triplets but ended up giving birth to quadruplets.

TSA agents at George Bush Intercontinental Airport confiscated a pair of sai, a martial arts weapon wielded by Raphael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

After a sixteen-year-old boy crashed his four-wheeler into a residential fence in Georgetown, his twelve-year-old cousin, who had been sitting on the back, was immediately bitten by a rattlesnake, which was then bludgeoned to death by the homeowners, wielding pieces of their broken fence.

A San Antonio family learned the hard way that their recently adopted stray cats were actually bobcats after the animals bit them.

A Waco man drove the same Pinecrest Green 1956 Chevrolet that he had in high school to his fifty-year reunion.