Now that the Skylab space project is finished, NBC has moved from its cubicle at the Nassau Motor Hotel across from NASA to new offices at 4615 Southwest Freeway. They are only ten minutes from their affiliate station, KPRC-TV, where they can use Channel 2’s nine projectors, eight videotape machines, and other assorted electronic gewgaws.

Regional bureau chief is Art Lord; his assistant is Don Critchfield, and the on-camera reporter is George Lewis.

All three have logged at least eighteen months each in Viet Nam for NBC and have covered the Houston mass murders, Brother Lester Roloff, and more than a few energy crisis stories. Ninety per cent of their work is shown on The Today Show or NBC Nightly News.

NBC also has a camera crew working out of Dallas-Fort Worth, using the facilities of WBAP-TV.