A full three weeks after his damning “I forget the third one” moment, it started to look like Governor Rick Perry might recover from his missteps. After the blunder, Perry seemed to make the right moves by poking fun of himself on the Late Show With David Letterman and then returning to business by performing relatively well in the subsequent foreign policy debate. Some pundits even ventured to say he shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

Then earlier this week Perry misstated the voting age. He smartly took the moment to reflect on the fallible nature of humans. “From time to time, we all will get something wrong,” Perry said on Wednesday’s Fox and Friends. “The president of the United States said there was 57 states one day.” (The governor remembered President Barack Obama’s mistake accurately, as PolitiFact Texas recapped in a post about Perry’s Fox appearance.)

After the voting age mistake, conservatives around the country, including Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, seized on the fact that President Obama accidentally referred to Iran’s British embassy as the “English” embassy on Tuesday, suggesting that there’s a double-standard.

“Will MSM criticize #Obama for calling the British Embassy the English Embassy?” Abbott tweeted, offering a link to Newsmax’s coverage (though as Wonkette reported, Obama also immediately corrected himself, going on to say “the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Iran.”) 

All of this could have meant that Perry’s moment as the Candidate of Gaffes was over—at least until the next one—but instead, the governor released a new campaign ad on Thursday, which was to air only on that day in Iowa during his appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“We’ve all lost our train of thought before, but not many have done it on national TV,” Perry says with a grin. He outlines a few policy positions before pretending to forget the line “I approve of this message.”

Naturally, Leno revisited Perry’s mistakes on the show. (There was even a pre-show joke involving the Kardashians, in which the Perry helps Jay “remember” the name of the third sister.) Now, nobody has ever said that Jay Leno minds being two to three weeks behind the curve, but Perry probably doesn’t have to be at this point.