U.S. House operations officials were apparently not amused by Rep. Steve Stockman’s homemade “Obama Failometer,” ordering it  to be removed from the wall of the Cannon House Office Building today.

Stockman wasn’t displaying it just for the laughs, though. Stockman says his 10-foot-long foamboard Failometer presents a real measure of Obama’s economic performance. In a press release issued today, Stockman explained that he weighs four Bureau of Labor Statistics factors–monthly jobs created, civilian labor force participation rate, black unemployment, and Hispanic unemployment–to give the president an economic failure score ranging from zero to 1,000. Obama’s February score? 1,194.

“Tearing it down created more labor than Obama has,” Stockman said in his release. 

Stockman further condemned Washington’s lack of free speech. “Millions of Americans are waiting for Obama to reverse his course and create jobs,” Stockman said. “The Obama Failometer is an objective, mathematical measure of Obama’s failure to create jobs.”

The yellow Failometer, which was fixed to the wall with “temporary adhesive tape”, currently sits in Stockman’s office–though it won’t for long. “The Obama Failometer may not be allowed in Congress but it will be back somewhere, and bigger,” Stockman promised.

The Washington Times pointed out that other Congress members have U.S. data posted outside their offices, but it is on easels.