Who says there is nothing funny about the Monica Lewinsky matter? When Texas Monthly contributor Jason Zengerle requested an interview in early December with former congressman Jim Chapman of Sulphur Springs, now a Washington, D.C., lobbyist, Chapman declined, explaining that he’s enjoying his obscurity now that he’s no longer in office. Then he added, “Of course, that ended a couple of months ago.” When Zengerle said that he didn’t know what Chapman was talking about, Chapman replied, “Son, didn’t you read the Starr report?” He was referring, Zengerle immediately realized, to the fact that he was on the phone with Bill Clinton while Lewinsky was performing a sex act. Said Chapman with a laugh: “I’m going to go down in history—that’s a bad choice of words—as being there at the very beginning, at least telephonically.” In a subsequent interview with Texas Monthly a more serious Chapman revealed that he cannot remember the now famous phone conversation. “I’ve reconstructed my day, and nowhere in my phone logs for November 15, 1995, do I have the president penciled in,” he said, “though I’m in no position to argue with White House phone logs.” He added that he hasn’t talked to Clinton anytime recently—“and even if I did, I don’t anticipate that this would ever be a topic of discussion between us.”