The Daily Show caught up on the Iowa Republican presidential caucus results Wednesday, with the opening segment devoted to the day’s two biggest losers, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. 

“(Perry) continues to be one of my favorite candidates for his completely unjustified enthusiasm in the face of a fifth-place ass-kicking,” Stewart said. But overall, he doesn’t seem to be trying very hard with his typically poor (but usually funny) Perry impression—the best he could do was imply that the governor, being a rube from Texas, was overly impressed by hotels that fold the end of toilet paper into little triangles.

Stewart begins talking about “Texas stereotype Rick Perry” at 2:50 of the clip below (and it’s worth watching just to hear Perry say “Hey, brother,” again as he took the stage in Iowa):

In this second clip, which is mostly devoted to Rick Santorum, Stewart first turns to Ron Paul, and the congressman’s odd statement (in reference to his preferred economic theories), “I’m waiting for the day when we can say, we’re all Austrians now.” Said Stewart, “it’s like being at a Jimmy Buffet show . . . and you’re like, ‘why’s everybody wearing a parrot on their head?’”

Over at the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert did not discuss Perry at all, though his guest John Heileman of New York magazine noted that Mitt Romney “crippled the two candidates they were most worried about, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich . . . Rick Perry is probably more or less out of the race.” Watch below: