On August 13, Governor Rick Perry announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination at a South Carolina convention held by the conservative blog RedState. On November 8, the publication’s editor-in-chief Erick Erickson pronounced the governor’s bid all but dead.

Perhaps seeking to provide some “bulletin-board material” meant to motivate the flailing Republican field, Erickson proclaimed that none of its candidates could beat the not-really-conservative Mitt Romney, who in turn wouldn’t beat Obama.

Of Perry, Erickson wrote:

The base will not forgive Rick Perry his immigration sins. In fact, that has hurt him far more than his debate performances, but his debate performances have hurt him badly. Perry, who came out principled and fiery with a record others could only envy, has left others with the impression that he’s a poor man’s version of the village idiot, which in the SEC we call “Aggies.” Maybe he can turn it around.


That’s what Perry said about Herman Cain on Bill O’Reilly’s radio show Monday, apparently agreeing with O’Reilly’s own choice of words in an earlier exchange. Well, leave it to the enterprising, foulmouthed folks at the Houston Press blog Hair Balls to get the story behind the story. Richard Connelly delights in reprinting the joke that likely gave rise to the expression—if you don’t know it, rest assured, it’s dirty and NSFW. 


On his Twitter account, the Governor showed that he was paying attention to President Barack Obama’s embarassing “hot mic” conversation with French president Nicolas Sarkozy about Israeli leader Banjamin Netanyahu. (“You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day,” Obama had said).

“I would be happy to talk to Prime Minister Netanyahu every day,” Perry tweeted. “I know our close ally in this critical region has valuable things to say.”


The online humor site has launched a new political page with a debut video that gives the presidential candidates a chance to “speak directly to the Internet.” In the clip former Saturday Night Live cast member Darrell Hammond joins the Perry impersonator bandwagon, though Mike Tyson steals the stage with his impersonation as Herman Cain.