The opening of Thursday’s The Colbert Report was largely dedicated to Stephen Colbert’s “Super PAC Americans For a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” which, though designed to make a comic and political point, is actually a real Super PAC.

“My Super PAC is having a super impact,” Colbert crowed. “According to the Houston Chronicle, more Texans have donated to ‘Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow’ than to the pro-Romney ‘Restore Our Future.'”

Colbert then celebrated this triumph with a riot of fake two-handed gunfire.

“Apparently, more Texans respond to my message, ‘corporations are people,’ than Romney’s message, ‘Mitt is a person,’ Colbert continued. 

He then read and showed an e-mail from Paul Benefiel, “a student at the University of Texas at Austin: The fightin’ only part of Texas that’s liberal!”

To riotous applause, Colbert asked the audience if he should grant Benefiel’s request to start a Colbert Super PAC at UT, which, needless to say, he does.

“So, Mr. Benefiel, your organization will now be known as ‘Texans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow.’ And my generosity is not limited to UT-Austin—I want every college across this great nation to have their own My Super PAC.”

To facilitate the process, Colbert rolled out his Super Pac Super Fun Pack boxes, available to all who possess “a burning engagement for civil engagement and $99.” (To reiterate, Colbert’s Super PAC is real; the money is a direct, non-charitable contribution to “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow”). The box includes an instruction manual, Colbert Super Pac tube socks, and a T-shirt. Additionally, one of the boxes contains an actual treasure map, and Colbert promised to visit the college of the person who finds it.

“And before you know it,” Colbert joked of his budding collection of college-level Super PACs, “I will be taking no personal or legal responsibility for anything you do…”