No matter when or how Rick Perry’s presidential campaign ends, we’ll always have the mobile phone apps. As Josh Hinkle from Austin’s NBC affiliate, KXAN, reported, they range from silly entertainments to a regularly updated trove of Perry media and tools that track campaign appearances. 

Here’s a list of some of the Perry apps available for download:

Oops: What’s That Third Agency Again? 
Available for iPhone and Android 
Have fun with audio from the now-infamous debate.  

Presidential Debate 
Available for iPhone and Android
A more detailed version of the above app, with additional audio clips from debate moderator John Harwood, Ron Paul, and Herman Cain (we wonder if he’ll make it to the update).

Thumbs Up Republicans
Available for iPhone 
This whack-a-mole style game (pictured above) features Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney.

Rick Perry News – 2012 Campaign 
Available for iPhone
For the Perry campaign junkie, this app gathers information from more than two dozen news sources and Perry’s own Facebook and Twitter feeds. 

Rick Perry Tracker 2012 
Available for iPhone 
Need to know where the governor is? This app tracks Perry’s current location, features updated polling data from four sources (Fox, CNN, Gallup and Rasmussen), and allows user to interact on a discussion board.

Where’s Rick Perry? 
Available for iPhone 
Similar to the Rick Perry Tracker 2012 app, featuring the candidate’s complete schedule with addresses and maps for his campaign appearance. Caveat emptor: The description still refers to him as “the Texas Republican front-runner.”

Watch Hinkle’s KXAN report below.