If you can’t get enough of creepy character actor Christopher Walken, boot up The Darkening, one of this year’s CD-ROM releases from Austin’s Origin Systems. Walken, like John Hurt and Amanda Pays, plays one of the fifty characters who meet up with the game’s hero, an amnesiac who roams the planets after waking up from a cryogenic sleep. …In March Richardson-based 7th Level unveils The Universe According to Virgil Reality, a science primer for nine- to fourteen-year-olds that covers everything from biology and geology to meteorology and astronomy. Charles Fleischer, who provided the voice of Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, does the same for madcap scientist Virgil Reality. … Willie Nelson helped make history on SkyTrip America, which was created by Human Code of Austin and will be available in March. The educational disc, which takes kids on a tour of North American history from 3000 B.C. to the present, uses footage shot on the movie set at Nelson’s Pedernales complex outside Austin for a section on how the West was won.