ANNA MEAGAN: THE AGGIE CINDERELLA STORY, by Cindy King Boettcher, published by Beraam Publishing Company, $16.95. The familiar fairy tale is retold incorporating the myths and traditions of Aggieland. The heroine is a coed studying to be a teacher; her harassers are not step-sisters but messy dorm mates; the Aggie mascot, Miss Reveille, is the fairy godmother, who invokes the power of the Magical Twelfth Man Towel to transform Anna’s T-shirt and cutoffs into appropriate attire for the Ring Dance, where she meets the hero, a strapping senior cadet, complete with buzz cut and boots. Whoop! Whoop!

JERRY JONES AND THE “NEW REGIME,” by Todd Cawthorn, published by TTHORN Publishing, $22.95. The author, a former pilot of the Cowboys private Lear jet, reveals that the team’s owner is not that much different at 35,000 feet.

GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL DOLL: THE ANNA NICOLE SMITH STORY, by Eric and D’eva Redding, published by Barricade Books, $22. Ms. Smith’s former managers reveal her—surprise—“tawdry days of dancing in Houston’s topless clubs and her nights of boozing and uninhibited sex.”

WHITE TRASH GARDENING, by Rufus T. Firefly, as told to Mike Benton, published by Dallas’ Taylor Publishing Company, $14.95. The rules of White Trash Gardening are easy to follow: “Don’t haul off anything you can hide,” “Every weed has a right to live,” and “Never call a plant by its Latin name unless you happen to be the Pope.”