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The Cops Who Stopped Charles Whitman

Aug 31, 2001 By Chester Rosson

At the top of the University of Texas Tower 35 years ago, Austin policemen Houston McCoy and Ramiro “Ray” Martinez risked all to end the killing spree of ex-Marine Charles Whitman. The press initially credited Martinez with taking Whitman down, but after the coroner’s report was issued, it seemed…

Under the Gun

Jan 1, 2001 By Michael Hall

Nine years after the brutal murder of four teenage girls in a yogurt shop rocked the city of Austin, the police say they have finally caught the killers. But they have no evidence and no witnesses—only two confessions that the defendants say were coerced. Which is why, when the case goes to trial in February, the cops will be on trial too.

E’er Heads

Jun 30, 2000 By Anne Dingus

I think, therefore iamb: My personal tour of the history of bad Texas poetry, from best to versed, prose to cons.

A Heavy Weight

Jan 1, 2000 By Jan Reid

In this corner, convicted rapist Tony Ayala of San Antonio—once a rising star of pro boxing, now an ex-convict on the road to redemption. And in this corner, his past—the toughest opponent he's ever faced.

CD and Book Reviews

Aug 31, 1999 By Texas Monthly

MUSIC RARE PEARL: The complete Joplin. Janis Joplin Box of Pearls: The Janis Joplin Collection Columbia/Legacy RARELY HAS A POP ARTIST’S legacy rested on such a small and erratic output. But it seems strangely appropriate to Janis Joplin, who practically disappeared from rock radio soon after her 1970 death…

A Tribute to Me

Feb 1, 1999 By Kinky Friedman

Why did Willie, Lyle, and other big names pay homage to me by recording my songs? Because I asked them to. You got a problem with that?

Case Study

Jan 1, 1999 By Texas Monthly

ALL OUR LIVES—our beliefs, our government, our history—changed that day [“The Assassination at 35,” November 1998]. I was thirteen when President Kennedy was killed, and I have always believed it was a conspiracy. After this issue, I don’t. Sis Hoskins Cedar Creek A PRISTINE PRIMER. Remarkable writing,…