After a visit here in the sixties, John Steinbeck once wrote, famously, that “Texas is a state of mind.” And although he was a Californian, he wasn’t wrong.

There really is something different about Texas. On our new show, State of Mind, you’ll hear stories about what makes life in the Lone Star State special, and meet characters who make this state what it is. Join executive editor Katy Vine over eight weeks this summer for the first season of State of Mind. We’ll feature Texas Monthly writers and contributors sharing personal stories about love, loss, and belonging, and reported pieces that will bring hidden corners of Texas to life.

Listen to the trailer here:

If you like it, please subscribe—and look for episode one on June 16. Associate editor Cat Cardenas kicks off the show with a story about her grandfather, how he built a life in Texas, the wild animals he tamed, and the magical (and often true) stories that bind her family together.

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