Texas Monthly is full of Texas culture obsessives. We love Beyoncé, Richard Linklater, Willie, kolaches, barbecue, beverages, and all of the sports. So it should come as no surprise that in our office, we talk about Texas—a lot. One day, as we were breaking down Kacey Musgraves’s Golden Hour song by song over some beers (after work, of course), we thought, Why are we depriving others of our deep, important thoughts? Why not share this with the people?

Thus, Texas Monthly’s newest podcast, “Last Call,” was born. At the end of each month, executive editor Kathy Blackwell and David Courtney (the Texanist!)—along with special guests—will take a look back at the month in Texas culture. And, true to the spirit of conversations among friends, we’ll do it with drinks in hand.

For our first episode, Kathy and David are joined by senior editor Abby Johnston, the magazine’s culture editor, before she leaves us for the colder pastures of Boston. Listen as we crack open some beers and chat about the crazy month we’ve had so far. First topic: Matthew McConaughey, the man of the hour—and every hour, apparently. The University of Texas’s new minister of culture is everywhere, from the sideline of a Longhorns basketball game to Austin’s public buses, where he’s the voice of the CapMetro system. He also recorded Austin’s emergency alert system. And he can put you to bed with a nighttime story via the Calm app. And then there are the new movies and that latest Lincoln commercial. We have a lot to say.

We also ponder the On the Road-ness of Beto O’Rourke’s Medium journal posts. (We wrote a few fake ones, too.) Finally, Abby shares her thoughts—as well as those of her East Texas dad—as she prepares to leave her beloved home state (and H-E-B!) for New England, with their weird accents and ridiculous weather. So different from Texas.