Most people would be happy enough hosting a podcast series that’s amassed 300 million downloads. But not Tim Ferriss, who believes the real winners in the media engagement derby are multi-platform: along with his massively successful business/interview podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, he’s a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and still remains one of the most sought-after angel investors in the technology sector, even if he recently left Silicon Valley to call Austin home. Last year’s Tribe of Mentors, his fifth consecutive number one New York Times best seller, collects short, tactical life advice from more than one hundred world-class performers—from athletes to cancer researchers and musicians to tech visionaries.

On this week’s National Podcast of Texas, Ferriss—who made his initial bona fides as an early-stage technology investor/adviser for Uber, Facebook, Alibaba, and more than fifty others—is our sole guest. Our sprawling conversation is highlighted by Ferriss’s takes on differences between Texas and Silicon Valley, improving productivity by filtering out the 24-hour news cycle, and whether you might want to invest in a bunker.

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