“Can you tell me which Texas wine to try? I have a hard time knowing what to look for at the store.” 

This is question I get all the time. After tasting hundreds of Texas wines throughout the year—and in my lifeit’s become a sort of personal mission to help others oenophiles find Texas wines they can enjoy. I usually start by directing people to the annual Best Texas Wines list I’ve written for the past few years. But sometimes the wines I recommend can be hard to find in the store. 

To that end, Texas Monthly has partnered with Vinovium Partners, a fulfillment house that focuses on shipping Texas wines, as a way to send Texas selections featured throughout the year to members of TM Wine Club. When you sign up, you receive four quarterly shipments of six bottles of wine based on my own personal picks from the state’s top producers. All of the wines in the first few shipments will be Texas Appellation wines, a distinction that requires more than 75 percent of the wine is produced using grapes grown in-state. In the future, members may receive wines from other geographical regions that have comparable versions being made in Texas. By that I mean that, for instance, Texas producers have lately had a lot of success wtih Spain’s native Tempranillo grape, so a future box could include a handful of Texas Tempranillos along with a few Spanish versions to let you compare for yourself.

Mostly, TM Wine Club aims to spotlight a good variety of Texas wineries and champion the state’s ever-evolving wine industry. Well, that and to let you enjoy a nice glass or two (responsibly, of course!) with family and friends. 

TM Wine Club shipments will occur in February, April, October and December. For members, each shipment is $150 (plus shipping). Wine lovers can also purchase a one-time delivery for $175. More information here.