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Jul 18, 2018 By Texas Monthly

This French-inspired charmer in the Bishop Arts district lures folks in for conversation, wine, and great food.

Lin Asian Bar

Jul 18, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Little Lin has caught on fast, with a thoughtful menu of flavorful dishes and abundant dim sum offerings.


Jul 16, 2018 By Texas Monthly

Lively SoCo seafood eatery boasting an expansive patio and one of the best raw bars in the city.

Tre Trattoria

Jun 28, 2018 By Texas Monthly

The “Famiglia Cucina” option says a lot about Tre Trattoria—true to Italian spirit, these family platters are designed to feed a group. When we want a shared experience, this light- filled park-side dining room and, even better, spacious umbrella-shaded patio, is number one on the list. Whether its a cast-iron-griddled…

The Grill

Jun 20, 2018 By Texas Monthly

From ambience to service, everything is first-rate at the Grill.