Once you have handled the standard travel preparations, here are some less obvious items to pack and some valuable tips to assist you in cruising the seven seas.

Things to Pack   Hanger

Bring your documentation  Passport

  • Have the right credentials or you may get stuck on the ship at ports of call (visit www.state.gov/travel for details)
  • Email yourself a digital copy of all your travel documents and itinerary commitments for easy access and organization

Dress for the occasion  

  • Pack evening wear to attend formal dinners and adhere to nightly dress codes
  • Bring a light coat or sweater because cruise lines keep low indoor temperatures

Consider your children’s trip  Shampoo

  • Bring a wearable baby carrier to stay mobile with your little one
  • Carry two-way radios to communicate with your family without using cell phones
  • Take sturdy clips to keep your child’s towel from flying away on the windy deck

Stay in Charge  Plug

  • Pack a power strip to charge multiple devices; most rooms have very few power outlets in the room
  • Get a mobile USB charger to power devices all day long

Maximize cabin space  Bed

  • Pack magnetic hooks and magnets to hang various small items on the metal walls of the cabins
  • Include an over-the-door shoe hanger to use as an organizer
  • Bring a small collapsible cooler to keep beverages cold in your room and on port visits; most cabins don’t have refrigerators

Don’t be surprised (Items your cabin won’t have)  Exclamation Point

  • An alarm clock. Bring one or use a smartphone.
  • A night light to brighten your room
  • Bring clothes hangers to ensure you have enough
  • Pack a small air freshener for your cabin

Things to remember  Checkbox

Stay healthy  Pill

  • Use motion sickness medications or acupressure bands to help prevent sea-sickness
  • Drink ginger ale and eat green apples, lemon slices or bland crackers to reduce motion sickness once it sets in
  • Check with your medical insurance provider to see what’s covered and what’s not while overseas
  • Wash your hands often! Viruses are often passed along from things you touch.

Leverage technology   Tablet

  • Use a language translation app to help you communicate with locals and negotiate a fair price for that must-have souvenir
  • Take an RFID wallet that prevents the scanning and stealing of your card numbers from your pocket

Avoid fees and hassles  Dollar sign

  • Purchase an Express Boarding Pass to ensure immediate delivery of your luggage to your cabin; this can take several hours without one
  • Avoid ATM fees by depositing funds at the ship’s casino games then immediately cashing out

Plan your trip  Planning

  • Visit the purser’s office to obtain copies of the ship’s menus so you can map out your daily dining desires
  • Plan your shore excursions well in advance by utilizing the cruise line’s website
  • Purchase travel insurance to protect your investment in case of emergencies, natural disasters, or itinerary changes

Cruise Insurance CoverageShips Wheel

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