By now it’s no secret that membership at Boot Ranch comes with some serious perks, from access to one of the top 10 golf courses in Texas, to unparalleled service from staff, multi-generational access for three generations of family, and of course, homes built to the highest standards of construction, detail and design.

What you may not know is that Boot Ranch has a long-standing exclusive partnership with world-renowned leather craftsman M.L. Leddy’s of Fort Worth to provide new members with a pair of their renowned custom boots. Twice a year, Leddy’s sets up shop at Boot Ranch for fittings, and about 12 months later delivers finished custom boots.

Founder M.L. Leddy began crafting handmade boots in 1922, and his commitment to using only the finest leathers and materials, matched with quality customer service, is the “Leddy” standard that remains a staple to this day.

Here are a few pictures from our most recent boot fitting:

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