Want solutions for saving money and simplifying your life?

Just ask Amazon Alexa.

Direct Energy has leveraged Amazon’s Alexa Skills and devices to provide customers with an easy-to-use tool that delivers the ultimate control over your home environment — and your electricity bill.

“Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind millions of devices, like the Amazon Echo,” said Lindsey Hutchins-Molina, Sr. Manager of Digital Transformation and Engagement  for Direct Energy. “Customers can use Alexa to help monitor their energy usage and manage their Direct Energy account. All you have to do is ask!”

With energy plans that include an Amazon Echo Dot at no additional charge, Direct Energy is making the possibility of having a smart home within reach for its customers. Paying your monthly bill with a simple voice command is as easy as connecting your Direct Energy MyAccount with the Alexa app and enabling the Direct Energy Skill.

Once you’re connected, you’re in control. By saying, “Alexa, ask Direct Energy…” you can learn how much energy you used last week, which appliance used the most energy, check your balance, and pay your electricity bill — all without ever getting off the couch.“If you have questions,” said Hutchins-Molina, “You can visit the Direct Energy Alexa Skill page, or call one of our customer care agents.”

Minimize usage to maximize savings.

“The Amazon Echo Dot can help customers reduce their usage year round, but especially during our hot Texas summers,” said Hutchins-Molina. It’s common to overwork a lot of appliances in July and August, she notes, which can cause electric bills to spike.

Instead of guessing which appliance in your home is costing you the most to use, ask, “Alexa, ask Direct Energy which appliance I used the most in April 2018.” If it’s the dishwasher, maybe you can cut that usage by making certain it’s full before you run a cycle or running it during evening hours. If you sign up for one of Direct Energy’s free weekends plans, consider saving your higher usage activities for the weekend. If the reply is your A/C unit, try leaving the ceiling fans on to help keep you and your family cool without lowering the thermostat.

“Knowledge is power,” said Hutchins-Molina. “By being able to track your energy by appliance, you can better spot if there are inconsistencies in usage over time, helping you quickly identify which appliances may need to be serviced or replaced.”

You can ask about weekly, monthly or yearly usage, too. By keeping you informed, Alexa and Direct Energy can help you reduce your use and amp up your savings.

Manage your account. Pay your bill.

Another convenient feature of the Direct Energy Alexa skill is the ability to keep track of your balance throughout the month and pay your electricity bill on time.

You can say, “Alexa, ask Direct Energy how much I owe.” Alexa will tell you, for example, “Your Direct Energy bill for $125.00 is due on June  15, 2018.” You can then say, “Alexa, ask Direct Energy to pay my bill.” You’ll hear, “‘Okay, do you want to pay your current balance of $125.00 with your primary payment method?  If so, please say, “I approve this payment.”

No writing checks and finding a stamp. No scrolling through your bank’s Bill Pay feature to find the right box. Alexa does it all for you. 

Alexa and Direct Energy let you do more.

  • If you’re participating in Direct Energy’s Refer-a-Friend program, you can ask for your code. Alexa will reply, “Your Refer-a-Friend code is (X). Give it to your friends, and you’ll both get $50 as a reward when they sign up for Direct Energy.”
  • Alexa can help you control smart home devices as well, such as lights, door locks, entertainment systems, outlets and security cameras.
  • Find out more about Direct Energy by saying, “Alexa, ask Direct Energy for company information.” You’ll receive an overview. Just ask!
  • The ‘Direct Energy Skill’ can help you. You can ask for your Refer A Friend code, ask about the company, how much you owe, how much was your last bill, your usage and even pay your bill. You can also call 1-888-305-3828 for further assistance.’
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