Fairmont Austin is gearing up to be the next exclusive luxury hotel offering in Austin and align itself with the top dining destinations of downtown. The hotel will boast five restaurants and bars, a variety of private event spaces and a 7th floor pool and entertainment deck complete with VIP cabanas.


A globally influenced dining hall, Revue will feature four open kitchen concepts. Enjoy the timeless cuisine of Italy, the epicurean and cultural complexities of Asia and the delicacies of the sea at our crudo bar, topped off with decadent treats from the artisanal pastry shop. Revue is the perfect spot for groups with undecided eaters, the variety of menu items helps satisfy everyone’s craving. Locally sourced and authentically prepared, we are dedicated to bringing the freshest ingredients to your plate.


Dedicated to open flame, wafting smoke and best quality meats, seafood and local produce available, this Modern American Grill House is an ideal place for culinary exploration. Served by the truly passionate and prepared by the most skilled, flavors start with superior ingredients and are defined by unique preparations. Expectations are exceeded, provisions are complex and experiences are extraordinary.  We want to bring some local flavors with our modern twist while also providing a few familiar classics. Our culinary team has partnered with several local farms and artisanal to source the highest quality meats including Niman ranch port and organic free-range chicken.  Meant to pair with wines from an impressive selection, dishes redefine dining in the heart of Austin.

Rules & Regs

Break the rules and bend the regulations at Rules & Regs, the best place in Austin to create your own escapade and enjoy libations day or night. Located on the 7th floor and overlooking Austin’s cityscape, R&R is driven by the timeless craft of the tapster and exists so that you can forget the plans, kick the schedule to the curb and commit to the rule breaking with style. With options to relax at downtown Austin’s largest rooftop pool or enjoy a craft cocktail at R&R’s indoor or outdoor bar while taking in breathless views of downtown’s skyline, R&R has a scene for everyone’s taste. So sit back, relax and enjoy an ice cold beverage at your urban oasis in the heart of downtown Austin.