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Especially around the holidays, do you sometimes feel powerless over negative thoughts and emotions? Do you lose touch with your sense of joy and feel paralyzed by how much you have going on in your life? Are you prone to feeling inadequate and/or angry and blaming others? Good news! You are not alone. Happy Whole Human Founder and Executive Coach Dr. Lisa Leit laughingly assures us that we are all in the same boat, “No one is exempt. Whether things are going well or badly overall, life throws us curveballs in our personal and professional lives. If we are not prepared, these setbacks can knock us off course and compromise our ability to take care of ourselves and our obligations to others. If we anticipate predictable triggers and are armed with effective tools, we can use everything that comes at us to learn and grow stronger.”

Grounded in her doctoral training at UT Austin, Dr. Leit’s trademarked Happy Whole Human tools have been distilled from over 20 years of research and clinical experience. She has boiled things down to make the process as gentle and straightforward as possible. In fact, the hardest part is getting started. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you’ll learn to navigate even the toughest emotional hurdles.

As you learn to identify and release stuck emotional energy using tools designed to effectively manage destructive emotions and thoughts, you will return to your daily life refreshed and armed with stress-management coping strategies. In the following 5 mock coaching tele-sessions, Dr. Leit demonstrates some of the many tools she and her team of Happy Whole Human certified coaches use during tele-sessions to both perform “triage,” and to teach clients to use to meet the challenges of their lives with more ease and confidence long term.

You will learn:
1. Tools to help you feel more calm and stable when you are stressed
2. Self-soothing techniques
3. Strategies for shifting out of negative thought loops
4. How to learn from and release negative energy
5. Ways to decompress and become more mindful


1. Stabilizing Exercise

2. Shifting Negative Thoughts

3. Regaining Control by Shifting Focus

4. Parts Technique

5. Overcoming Anxiety when Overwhelmed

Learn these and other tools in HWH Fundamentals eCourse #5: Managing Thoughts and Emotions

 About Happy Whole Human

(Excerpt from article by Katie Gutierrez, Executive Editor, Round Table Companies
This piece was based on interviews with Dr. Lisa Leit and Jessica Agneessens before their practicum “Happy Whole Human is Happening!” at the Conscious Capitalism Conference in Chicago in April of 2015.)


Happy Whole Human is an online, interactive three-step wellness program that Lisa designed after years of education, quantitative research, and her own journey to understand family and relationship dynamics, co-dependence, and narcissism. Its purpose is to foster productive, fulfilling interdependence by cultivating both individual well-being and relationship quality.

Happy Whole Human may be Lisa’s way of helping people achieve wellness and interdependence faster than she did—but it is not limited to individuals, nor should it be: Lisa’s research indicates that organizational wellbeing cannot be measured without factoring in relationship health.

“Interpersonal drama, lapses in productivity, self-neglect, overall stress, and dissatisfaction are closely related to imbalances in how we treat ourselves and others,” she said.

Organizations truly interested in the wellness of its stakeholders are seeing the value of Happy Whole Human.

“You’re giving in a way that’s not in your highest good if you’re giving for your identity,” Lisa said, keying in on how many of us define ourselves and our value through our work. “It’s not sustainable. At some point, if we’re not honest with ourselves, our true needs are going to assert themselves in either aggressive or passive-aggressive ways.”

The Happy Whole Human program begins with an online Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment, which helps individuals confidentially gain insight into their current levels of well-being across 28 dimensions of health, including six domains designed to provide a snapshot of indicators of overall personal and professional well-being. Respondents are then emailed their results and invited to enroll in six courses, which are available as e-courses, e-books, and print. Organizations are sent a group aggregate report, and Happy Whole Human coaches will help measure the group’s growth over time. Some of the benefits of the program include improving response to stressful situations, becoming better listeners and more honest communicators, taking greater initiative, asking better questions, becoming more effectively strategic, and accepting greater personal responsibility for performance, behavior, and actions.


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