Texans are a strong, resilient lot by nature, and it’s embedded in both the history and mythology of Texas. You value personal choice, freedom, and taking care of your own business, on your terms.

With home offices in Houston, TX, Direct Energy gets it. We believe you know what’s best for your life, and this is especially true when it comes to selecting the best electricity company for your home. You should have the power in your hands, and we’re going to give it to you.

And just how will we do this for you? Through two first-of-their-kind products: Direct Your Plan and Direct Your Energy.

These two offerings empower you to do exactly what you need for your home and family by letting you:

  1. Create a customized electricity plan; and
  2. Giving you the information necessary to control how and when you use that electricity.

Sound exciting to finally be in control of your energy usage, right? Take a closer look.

With Direct Your Plan, you can construct the Texas electricity plan that’s truly tailored for your home. You won’t be bound by generic plans with pre-selected offerings that aren’t right for your life. Start by picking the core components that make the most sense to you: the plan type, contract term length, and percentage of green energy that interests you. Then, you can select great products that enhance your quality of life, ranging from the Nest Learning Thermostat, Plenti Rewards, payment options like Paperless Billing and Auto Pay, and even an energy audit to help you better understand your own energy behaviors.

Direct Your Plan

You tell us what you want, and we give it to you. How Texas is that?

And once you’ve enrolled, we provide more tools and technology that can help you save on electricity costs.

When you log into your personalized Direct Your Energy portal, your energy world is at your fingertips. Take advantage of unprecedented access into how your home uses energy and become an empowered energy consumer!

Everyone likes a good analogy. How about this one:

When you check out at the grocery store, you’re not presented with a flat fee and no explanation with what you just bought. Instead, you receive an itemized list detailing exactly what you purchased and in what amounts. Of course! Well, why should your energy bill be a mystery? You would never take a receipt at the grocery store without knowing what you paid for which items, and your energy bill should be no different.

With Energy Insights, you can review a detailed graph outlining where energy was used in your house – right down to the appliance in some situations – and then see how much that usage cost you on that bill.

Usage Wheel

We’ve all heard about “keeping up with the Joneses,” but what about being better than them instead? Thanks to our Home Comparison Tool, you can compare your home’s energy usage patterns to people with homes like to yours. For example, we rate your home against people with similar square footage, homes with a pool like yours, others with multiple stories, and other characteristics. It’s a fantastic tool for detecting the home systems and appliances that aren’t operating efficiently – like your water heater or HVAC.

Home Comparison

Sure, we all remember the times when the weather was extra crazy, but we don’t always remember how we used energy on those days and how it might have impacted our energy bills. When you check out the Heat Map Calendar, you’ll see exactly how you used energy on a given day – starting with deep green for low usage and ending at bright red for high usage. By helping you recognize past energy usage patterns, you can then make adjustments to your lifestyle and habits to impact future use.

Heat Map Calendar

And what good would all these colorful charts and graphs be without some helpful suggestions? We happily share tips to improve the energy efficiency of your home and world at Energy Insights and the Heat Map Calendar so you can adjust your habits to buy less of what we sell

Ultimately, this information puts you in charge of your home’s energy choices – just as it should be!

When you choose Direct Energy, the power of deregulated energy choice in the Lone Star State really is in your hands. You’re a Texan. You deserve it.