With over 50 unique styles, our sink bases have proven to be a valuable asset for designers with a discerning eye, and for homeowners looking for something truly distinctive. J. Tribble is proud to offer four original collections of hand crafted sink bases, produced to the highest standards in the United States, England and Italy. They include American Solid, English Veneer, Hand Painted and the Cottage Collection.

In addition to our sink bases, J. Tribble creates complete kitchens, wet bars, and kitchen furniture such as islands, hutches, and buffets. These can be fashioned after any style

in the sink base line or completely customized. We also offer additional items for the home such as writing desks, entertainment centers, bookcases, dining tables, and linen cabinets.  The only limits are your imagination.

We have American craftsmen who model the European traditions of building custom furniture which allows our cabinets to have the quality of the Old World with a modern American flair.

“Building boxes and creating a unique and inspiring piece of cabinetry are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Most ‘cabinet shops’ today are modernized to the point of taking all craftsmanship out of all the processes associated with our industry. On the other hand, at J. Tribble we use our imagination, talent, and a combination of power and hand-tools to create an heirloom that will be passed down for generations. We don’t build box cabinets here. As the old masters did, we create artistic pieces with craftsmanship which will be J. Tribble’s legacy throughout the years.” – Robert Elliott, Shop Foreman

Our design studio, showroom, customer service and production workshop are under one roof in our Atlanta warehouse which allows customers to see the products in our front room, but also see the magic of the true craftsmen custom building them by hand in the back.

“We have a passion for design, getting it right and
making beautiful bathrooms.”
– Rebecca Fincher, Co-owner

We believe no one should settle for second best.