Amber Haynes has always enjoyed upland hunting and the outdoors, but grew up wishing her only option for hunting apparel wasn’t downsized male clothing with pink accents, which is typically all that is carried for women in sports and outdoor stores.

“I love hunting, but I’ve never wanted to be one of the boys, or look like one in their clothing.  I want to feel confident in clothes that fit me, look elegant and are functional for the field,” Haynes said.

The apparent lack of wing shooting clothing available for women became the driving force behind McKenna Quinn, the hunting apparel line that Haynes designs exclusively for female hunters. Made in Boerne, Texas — where Haynes lives and works at her family’s oil and gas company — the line is composed of classy yet sporty, high-quality fishing and hunting apparel. Currently, McKenna Quinn offers shooting polos, fishing tunics, silk scarfs and long sleeve shooting shirts, with suede pads and pockets designed to fit McKenna Quinn’s recoiling pad inserts. “I designed the clothing to move well when shooting, and to be comfortable for hours in the field,” Haynes said.

As the only child of a Houston oil-and-gas guy, Haynes knows a thing or two about spending hours in the fields during upland hunting seasons. “I grew up bird hunting with my dad. We still hunt together often and as I have gotten older, my appreciation for the outdoors has only grown,” Haynes said. “Upland hunting is such a graceful sport — I enjoy watching the dogs work, the beauty of the birds, and the cooler weather.”

Haynes especially loves quail hunting at her family’s ranch near Boerne, but also enjoys duck and dove hunting on the Texas Coast. Recently, she went deer hunting for the first time outside of Kerrville. “I shot an axis on our family property in Sisterdale, Texas, and I am officially hooked!” Haynes said.

As the mother of two young girls, Haynes hopes her love for hunting and McKenna Quinn will inspire her daughters to love and appreciate the outdoors as much as she does. In addition, she hopes seasoned female hunters find that McKenna Quinn apparel is the flattering and functional clothing they’ve been missing in the fields.

“I want them to feel elegant hunting and not like they need to rush to change after the hunt is over,” Haynes said. “I also hope that women who are new to hunting feel empowered to give bird hunting a try because they are confident in the clothes they are wearing,” she added.

McKenna Quinn is available online, as well as in select boutique hunting stores in Boerne, Houston and San Antonio. Currently, McKenna Quinn long sleeve hunting shirts are also available in the TM General Store, as part of the Made In Texas collection.