Lone Star Brewing Co. is proud to support the Texas outdoors each and every year with the limited-edition Lone Star CAMO cans line-up during the fall. This fall, customers can enjoy Lone Star and Lone Star Texas Light in a limited-edition camouflage pattern and TTHA co-branded packaging. The camo campaign also includes a giveaway sweepstakes with the chance to win a camo mini fridge and 2019 membership to the Texas Trophy Hunters Association.

Texas Trophy Hunters Association (TTHA), a membership-based organization is dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving the state’s wildlife resources and traditions for future generations. It is the brewer’s first year to form a brand partnership with the Texas-based organization.

“Linking up with TTHA for the camo campaign seemed like a natural fit, in light of the organization’s 40-year history of positive community outreach, helping others, and encouraging respect for Texas’ heritage, natural beauty and wildlife,” said Lone Star Brewing Co. Brand Manager Elkin Vasco. “Our goal with the camo campaign is to get people to step outside and experience the wonders of Texas’ great outdoors.”

Lone Star Brewing Co. has been proudly brewing beer in Texas since 1884. Throughout its long history, the company has made a practice of teaching personal responsibility and giving back. Lone Star has partnered with communities statewide to support Texas-specific charities like Texas Dance Hall Preservation, among others. When thousands of Texans were in duress after the Hurricane Harvey disaster, the brewer established the Lone Star Beer Disaster Relief Fund to support relief efforts stateside.

Some of the organizations TTHA supports are the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), which encourages Texans to volunteer their time and talents to protect Texas’ wild animals and wildernesses, and encourages tourism, camping and enjoying nature; the Military Warriors Support Foundation, which provides support and programs to facilitate a smooth transition for returning combat-wounded heroes and Gold Star families; and City Kids Adventures, a program that provides unique outdoor opportunities for inner-city youth.

“Texas pride goes hand-in-hand with a reverence for the diverse natural beauty of the state,” Vasco said. “From the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast to the East Texas Piney Woods to the rugged canyons of the Big Bend, there is so much for Texans to see and do outdoors – all within the borders of this magnificent state. With the camo campaign, we are encouraging Lone Star Beer drinkers to find their inner outdoorsman this fall.”

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