The modern farmhouse has quickly established itself as America’s new darling in custom home design. It takes the ideals, practicality, and warmth of the country homestead and refines them. The result is invariably open, welcoming abodes with a keen eye for craft and detail, yet they remain completely unpretentious. In Fredericksburg, Texas, an up and coming community of custom farmhouses is utilizing these principles to grow a community.

The farmhouse begins with openness. Its single most definable attribute is the covered porches and deep, cool eaves shading each home. A staple feature connecting residents to the land, and to their neighbors. Wide entryways, high ceilings, and large windows serve up an already open floor plan to natural human movement and tons of light.

The modern farmhouse is not delicate, but it is elegant. Natural materials are essential to the farmhouse concept. New and reclaimed wood typically accent home interiors. Stone counter tops are standard. Sinks and baths feel robust and heavy, and exposed beams are thick.

Two miles east of Fredericksburg’s Main Street, you will find Friedën, a peaceful enclave in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Builders, architects, and future residents will collaborate to bring three custom modern farmhouse (or ‘Haus’ as they are known in Friedën) concepts to life.

Sunday Haus is an intimate 2-3 bedroom concept, ideal as a second home or retirement property. Mittel Haus features 3-4 bedrooms with a wraparound porch and is ideal as a primary residence. Farm Haus is Friedën’s premier concept. These 3-5 bedroom homesteads will sit on up to 40,00 sq. ft. lots.

Residents of Friedën will select their own lot, then collaborate with our preferred builders and esteemed architect Tim Brown, or their own architect, to bring their modern farmhouse to life. The result will be a community with tight architectural guidelines that is still able to design and craft their homes to their own predilections.

The amenities at Friedën will capture the peace of the Hill Country. An extensive trail system will meet at three spring-fed lakes, one of which will feature a dining patio. While individual lot sizes are ample to maintain privacy and a homestead feel, the connectivity through Friedën’s amenities will create a welcoming open atmosphere.

Beyond Friedën sits idyllic Fredericksburg, where residents can enjoy dozens of local wineries, restaurants and shops in an intimate, small-town setting.

There’s beauty to see and even more to experience here in Fredericksburg. Visit; you may just find your peace of home.