You can tell that you’re entering an art town the second you arrive in Taos, New Mexico. The streets are lined with banners showcasing works of all shapes and sizes from the huge pool of local, artistic talent and there’s a gallery or museum nearly everywhere you look. Taos has hosted a long line of visionaries like Georgia O’Keeffe, Ansel Adams and Mabel Dodge Luhan who were inspired by the soft color palette, dramatic skies and ethereal light of Taos. Now it’s your turn. Visit Taos and see what an art town really looks like. Breathe in the air that inspired the greats and who knows, you just might end up creating your next masterpiece.

Get Your Hands Dirty

There’s a reason that Taos, with its otherworldly landscape and picture-perfect mountain backdrop, appears in the works of so many incredible artists. Once your eyes register the scenery before them, the brain can’t help but want to capture it in some way. Luckily, Taos is prepared with countless classes, workshops and other opportunities to create that which inspires you the most. From daily pottery classes with notable ceramic artists or painting workshops offered year-round, to soul-awakening writing retreats and expert-led photography tours, if you fall under the influence of the Town’s creativity, there’s no shortage of places to nurture it. For an especially true-to-Taos experience, try your hand at a weaving workshop!

Pottery Class at Taos Clay.

See History Come Alive

In America, the closest thing you can get to a time machine is a visit to Taos Pueblo. As the oldest continually-inhabited community in the country, this Native American village has been standing for more than 1,000 years and remains home to many members of its community to this day. Lucky for visitors from all over the world, the Pueblo allows guests to enter and tour the historic site. You can walk around the area, visit their church, see remnants of historic battles and some residents will even let you into their homes. This truly one-of-a-kind-experience allows you to not only get to know the colorful history of the mesmerizingly beautiful site, but also take some of it home in the form of art, jewelry or textiles made by current Taos Pueblo residents.

Pro Tip: Take a look at the Taos Pueblo events calendar before planning your trip to check for special events. Feast days are special can’t-miss occasions when the public is invited to eat, socialize and witness traditional dances at the Pueblo!

The 1,000 Year Old Taos Pueblo.

Wander Artistic Wonders

At its heart, Taos is and always has been an art colony. If the famed Taos Society of Artists that launched Taos into its artistic ways could see the more than 80 galleries and six museums that now dot the area, they would be amazed at just how far their legacy has grown. From paintings, sculptures, photography and metals to pottery, multimedia and Native American art, Taos has truly got it all. A small detour off of Taos Plaza will take you to Ledoux Street, a historic row of galleries of all varieties, where you can create your own gallery adventure, or you can opt for a guided artisan walking tour that explores Taos’ artistic past while also showcasing its present-day studio and gallery scene. Whether you’re a collector, an admirer or are just along for the ride, the art that you’ll see during your time here is sure to amaze and inspire.

Upcoming exhibitions: Larry Bell: Hocus, Focus and 12 will debut at the Harwood Museum of Art on June 9 and will exhibit the work of Larry Bell, one of the most noteworthy representatives of abstract art in the postwar period who just so happens to have a studio in Taos. Also, Full Circle: Taos Pueblo Contemporary at the Couse-Sharp Historic Site opens July 7 and honors the relationships and artists from Taos Pueblo who continue to redefine Native art and identity.

The Work by Women exhibit at The Harwood Museum of Art.

This town is full of many things – culture, history, good people and great views. But most importantly, Taos is filed to the brim with an infinite supply of inspiration. There’s plenty to go around, come and get some for yourself. For more information on the art scene in Taos, check out