In a world where you’re never at a loss for options, Tequila Don Julio is one that provides a refreshing blast of authenticity. The world’s first luxury tequila is the result of the passion, innovation and single-minded pursuit of excellence of one man: Don Julio González.

During the 1940s Don Julio González worked in the agave fields in the state of Jalisco, whose highlands are renowned for their rich red soils and ideal microclimate for growing Blue Weber Agave. Don Julio’s tequila making journey was difficult, but it was a passionate pursuit to achieve the highest quality tequila possible. From agave cultivation, to distillation, to distribution and sales, each part of the process received the same dedication and careful attention.

cropped Inside of La Primavera_Don JulioWhile all good brands require great work and dedication, great brands are set apart by something else. Don Julio began discovering ways to improve the quality of his tequila by starting with the agave plants. He implemented a wider planting system, allowing the agave more room to grow. Don Julio also implemented new standards such as allowing the agave to reach full maturity before harvesting, and selecting only the most succulent portions of the piña for slow roasting in 72-hour cycles. The resulting tequila was smoother, richer, and of truly uncompromising quality.

Don Julio’s innovations extended even to his choice of bottle design. The signature short bottle—a first among tequilas—was chosen so friends and family when gathered together at a meal could enjoy both conversation and their tequila without obstruction, as traditional bottles were much taller and similar to that of a wine bottle. cropped IMG_7349 copy

The Tequila Don Julio portfolio begins with the fresh, unaged Blanco, and is completed with its aged tequilas: Don Julio® Reposado, Don Julio® Añejo, Don Julio 70® Añejo Claro, Don Julio REAL®, and Don Julio 1942. The iconic 1942, aged for a minimum of two and a half years in American White Oak barrels, was created in collaboration with Don Julio González and Enrique de Colsa, the current Master Distiller who was González’s hand-selected successor. It is a stunning tribute to González and his legendary mark upon the tequila industry.

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