The USS Lexington arrived in Corpus Christi in 1992, opened that October, and has since served as a naval aviation museum and educational facility that explores the deep and rich history the ship holds. Nicknamed “The Blue Ghost” during World War II, the ship’s flight deck aboard the USS Lexington Museum is the most popular of all of the tours attracting visitors young and old. The flight deck tour gives museum visitors the opportunity to look closely at twenty different aircrafts from the National Museum of Naval Aviation, which gives everyone the opportunity to get some one-of-a-kind photo ops. On board, there is a theater, virtual battle stations that provide interactive games, a Pearl Harbor exhibit, a flight simulator, and now, the museums newest addition, The Escape Room.

For a mere $35 per person (including museum admission) and located near the entrance to the USS Lexington Museum, the “Lockdown On The LEX,” Ultimate Escape Room experience brings even more adventure to your museum tour. The combination of the modern technology in the historic setting makes the escape room feel as if you were on the ship when it was in combat during World War II.

Mission #1 of the “Lockdown On The LEX” Escape Room experience is called “Beat the Blast.” Your mission is to locate a hypothetical nuclear bomb aboard the USS Lexington Museum, defuse it, and prevent an explosive catastrophe. You have 60-minutes once the timer starts to crack the clues, beat the clock, save the day, and “escape” the room. For escape artists visiting the USS Lexington in the fall, keep your eyes peeled for Mission #2 “Face Your Fears.”

The Escape Room can accommodate ten people per session. While the Escape Room is fun for almost every age, because this activity is designed for adults, visitors under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver at check-in and visitors ages 12-15 must be accompanied by an adult. You can also reserve the entire room if you are looking for a team-building exercise. You can book online to ensure your spot, or you can purchase a ticket based on availability upon your arrival at the ship.

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Photos and words provided by Shelby Sorrel.