Texan by Nature graded Texas businesses on a fourteen-point matrix, ranking efforts like use of green energy and confirmed spending on conservation efforts. The resulting scores narrowed the list to 50. A cross-industry Selection Committee of executive leaders came together to rate and rank the final 50 in order to name the inaugural Texan by Nature 20.

Texas knows how to harness energy, providing more than one-fifth of U.S. domestically produced energy. In 2017, Texas accounted for 37% of the nation’s crude oil production, 24% of its marketed natural gas production, and one-fourth of all U.S. wind powered electricity. Energy leaders are actively developing innovative technologies that protect and preserve natural resources. From recycling and conserving water to renewable energy usage, the energy industry is working to reduce impact while powering the world.

Phillips 66 is a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company, whose sustainability strategy is based on four pillars — operational excellence, environmental stewardship, social responsibility and financial performance. Sustainability efforts of the Houston-based enterprise extend throughout its operations, while the company also provides significant support for entities engaged in environmental protection, education, and restoration.

“We invest in the preservation and protection of natural resources because we respect and value their role in our daily lives,” says Phillips 66 policy and sustainability lead, Maria Dunn. “We are on a journey of continuous improvement.”

Phillips 66’s sustainability projects are diverse and include research into organic photovoltaic energy — a promising low-cost, environmentally-friendly solar technology that is progressing toward commercial-scale power generation. Nearly half of Phillip 66’s twelve U.S. refineries have earned ENERGY STAR® certifications.  The certifications reflect top-quartile energy efficiency performance by undertaking voluntary efforts to improve energy efficiency. Company efficiency initiatives saved 196 million BTUs per hour, equivalent to the energy used annually in about 45,000 U.S. homes; reduced global water use by 94 million gallons per year; and reduced use of steam by 90,000 pounds per hour–saving additional energy and water.

The company works with partners, including Texas Parks and Wildlife, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) and many others to preserve and restore ecologically-important habitats to protect biodiversity.

Phillips 66’s gift to the Ducks Unlimited Gulf Coast Initiative supports conservation of significant waterfowl wintering grounds in the wetlands of Texas and Louisiana. Recently the company helped preserve more than 21,000 acres of habitat and assisted in creating five acres of oyster reefs in Galveston Bay by building shoreline protection on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and repairing the hurricane-damaged salt marshes of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. Through the WHC, the company created a guide to native habitat landscaping for service stations in eighteen states and the United Kingdom.

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