Chances are you have heard something on the radio or seen a commercial referencing laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair with — you guessed it — laser treatments.

While a straightforward process, it isn’t only just for women who want to be hair-free on the beach. Both women and men choose to get laser hair removal for various reasons. If you or someone you know is considering laser hair removal, here are some things you should know about the process and the subsequent results.


What is Laser Hair Removal and How Does it Work?

Laser hair treatments remove many of the hairs at the targeted area, but not all of them — so think “reduction” versus complete and total removal of every follicle.

The way the laser hair removal process works entails the use of a device that passes a concentrated beam of light over your skin at the specific area where you wish to have hair reduced. The laser’s light targets the area, and safely damages and halts the growth of hair follicles.

A laser system such as the one Sona Dermatology & MedSpa employs involves a series of high-repetition pulses that increase the temperature of the hair follicle and surrounding tissue, destroying hair at the source. To achieve optimal results, you’ll need to undergo several treatments over the course of multiple weeks.

“Laser hair removal is one of the most gratifying treatments we offer. After going through a series of 5-7 treatments, the goal is to see significant hair reduction – to the point where regular shaving is unnecessary. It is so wonderful to have silky smooth skin without needing to shave every day,” says Shelley Hoffman, a physician assistant at Sona Dermatology & MedSpa in Frisco.

Laser hair removal is permanent, and clients typically enjoy long-term results that mitigate the need for shaving, hair removal creams, and waxing. However, some clients may need additional treatments depending on skin and hair type to achieve the desired results.

What Areas of the Body can be Treated?

Smooth legs are usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about laser hair removal, but the process can be applied to virtually any area of the body covered in hair, including the legs, chest, bikini area, neck, stomach, face (including the lip area), back, arms, and underarms.

“Laser hair removal addresses the issue of unwanted hair from any area of the body, leaving the treated area smooth and flawless. It is also highly effective in resolving the issue of ingrown hairs by permanently disabling the hair follicles that produce hair,” states Blessing Ogunsefunmi, a nurse practitioner at Sona’s Sugar Land location.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Since laser hair removal uses lasers that target melanin, skin and hair types that are on extreme ends of the light or dark spectrum are typically not optimal candidates for treatment.

According to Hoffman, “Here at Sona we treat most skin types, however, the best candidate for laser hair removal a person with light skin and dark hair. The laser does not efficiently treat gray, blonde, or red hair.”

What to Look for in a Provider?

If you’ve decided that laser hair removal is something you want to pursue, choose a provider with care. Ideally, you want to work with a licensed medical provider in a comfortable, relaxed setting. It’s also a good idea to find out if the provider offers any guarantees or promises about the treatment and results. “Providers should be thoroughly trained and adhere to a strict protocol, with medical oversight,” says Hoffman.

Sona Dermatology & MedSpa is the largest full-service aesthetics company in the nation with four locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and four locations in the Houston area. Sona offers numerous non-invasive cosmetic procedures including laser hair removal, CoolSculpting, Botox and other injectables, and laser skin rejuvenation. Sona’s focus has always been its clients, providing them with exceptional service, efficacy, and safety in a comfortable, spa-like atmosphere. Under the oversight of medical directors, treatment professionals maintain strict safety standards and use the most advanced technology to help clients look and feel their best. As a leader in the aesthetics industry, Sona is committed to providing the best possible results. 

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