Cook like a Texan with this ever-growing collection of drinks and dishes.

Spicy Paloma

While this cocktail is refreshing year-round, grapefruit season in Texas kicks off in the fall, making now an especially good time to enjoy it.

The Antonia: A Watermelon Cocktail

Cesar Martinez recalls sweltering summer afternoons in Freer, a South Texas town about eighty miles west of Corpus Christi, watching his grandmother dust watermelon with table salt before biting into it.“She used to sit on the porch, smoke cigarettes, eat watermelon, and sharpen her hoe to cut the yard,” Martinez

Carrot Cake

Dallas pastry chef Diana Zamora shares her version of this classic dessert, which is chock-full of the vegetable and stands at a towering five layers.


Street Tacos Frandiablo

Cabbage has been a staple on Jeffry Angelo’s dinner table for as long as he can remember. The owner of Hodge Podge Lodge bed-and-breakfast in Montgomery has vivid recollections of weekends spent in Houston with family, gobbling up the cruciferous vegetable. “My grandmother was Syrian and Lebanese, and on Sundays

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