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Cocktail Recipes

Spicy Paloma

While this cocktail is refreshing year-round, grapefruit season in Texas kicks off in the fall, making now an especially good time to enjoy it.

West Texas Smash recipe

West Texas Smash

Seeking to make a refreshing cocktail, Amarillo bartender Tiffany Reagan turned to an unorthodox ingredient growing in her garden.

50:50 Freezer Martini

You’ll always be prepared for cocktail time with this make-ahead batch recipe from Houston Eaves, of San Antonio’s Esquire Tavern.

Old Pepper recipe

Old Pepper

For the Old Pepper, acclaimed Houston bartender Alba Huerta takes bourbon and spices it up.

Pegu Club recipe

A Classic Gin Cocktail

Bill Norris, of Alamo Drafthouse and Midnight Cowboy, pours one out for the Pegu Club, the beloved New York cocktail mecca that has permanently closed in the wake of COVID-19.

Chilton recipe

The Chilton

A cocktail as bright and pure as the West Texas sun.

Mexican Martini

Mexican Martini

It’s guaranteed to make your favorite urban cowgirl or cowboy happier than an armadillo diggin’ grub worms.

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