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Pumpkin Roll

Getting a little tired of pie? Switch it up with this classic dessert that still incorporates the holiday favorite filling of pumpkin and spices.

Apple Crisp with Beam-Infused Cream

Apple partners beautifully with bourbon, so we’ve gone ahead and tripled it by adding Jim Beam Bourbon to the apple filling, the crisp topping and the vanilla cream drizzle.

Carrot Cake

Dallas pastry chef Diana Zamora shares her version of this classic dessert, which is chock-full of the vegetable and stands at a towering five layers.

Barton Mills Scones Whole Wheat Scones with Summer Fruit.

Whole Wheat Summer Fruit Scones

This scone adapts well to many different fruits. For small berries, just rinse and add them as described in the recipe. For stone fruits or figs, rinse and chop into half-inch chunks; no need to peel. If you have frozen fruit, you may add it to the recipe frozen; no

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