Gulf Coast

Pinkerton’s Barbecue

Jan 19, 2017 By Texas Monthly

When you go to Pinkerton’s, you are going to Grant’s house. No, really, he lives upstairs. It’s a family affair in more ways than one, because his parents help run things too (though they live elsewhere), and his mom does the baking. The smoking technique is a bit unusual, because…

The Pit Room

Sep 25, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

The Pit Room is still in its early phases. They plan to add dinner hours soon, and the menu will continue to grow. Look for some of the items next door at Jackson’s Watering Hole, which Sambrooks also owns. You might remember that name as the bar where Pappa Charlie’s…

Julian’s BBQ

May 6, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

Julian’s is a good barbecue joint with the potential to be great. And for Corpus Christi, it is as good as it comes.

The Witt Pit BBQ

Mar 3, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

Pitmaster Randy Witt does an admirable job of getting the superb smoked chicken and giant spare ribs tender, without drying them out.