2M Smokehouse

Oct 18, 2017 By Texas Monthly

In 2015 Esaul Ramos left San Antonio for Austin and became the lead pitmaster at La Barbecue. Now he’s back in his hometown with a barbecue joint of his own. 2M Smokehouse opened last year and quickly gained traction. Ramos could have done a La Barbecue copycat, but he went…

CLOSED – King’s Hwy Brew & Q

Apr 25, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

If you’re bored with barbecue, this is the place to find something new. And it also might be the joint that we look back on as the birthplace of San Antonio-style of barbecue.

Baker Boys BBQ

Apr 14, 2016 By Daniel Vaughn

In Luling, Wayne Baker grew up on the basics of barbecue. Brisket, ribs, and beef sausage came wrapped up in butcher paper at City Market, the favored barbecue joint of his youth. “I didn’t really know a barbecue plate existed,” he told me at his barbecue joint, Baker Boys BBQ in Gonzales.

The Big Bib BBQ

Sep 23, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

The poultry needs no adornment. Slices of turkey breast were juicy, flavorful, and tender. The chicken was even more impressive. We’re not sure how they’re making money on it since a half chicken came along as one of the options on our three-meat combo plate. This is where all that…

B & D Ice House

Sep 12, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

When Jason and Jake Dady opened Two Bros. BBQ Market, the barbecue joint on San Antonio’s north side of town was met with critical acclaim (including from Texas Monthly, which named it one of the Top 50 in 2013). Pivoting off of this success, the brothers decided to turn their sights…

Pioneer BBQ

Apr 21, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

There aren’t any canned items here. He’s even growing some of his own vegetables in a garden at his house a couple blocks away. A chunky potato salad was a classic and the cabbage cooked down with pork made it easy to eat something green. The beans couldn’t figure out…

Smoke Shack BBQ

Apr 14, 2015 By Daniel Vaughn

Each bite of the tender and meaty rib pulled away from the bone with ease. They were a competition barbecuer’s dream, complete with a glaze so sweet and buttery it was hard to know if it was meant for a cake or meat.

The Original Willie’s Bar-B-Q

May 13, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

With rattlesnake skin tacked to the particleboard walls, wagon wheel chandeliers, and black-and-white-checked tablecloths, Willie’s aesthetic can be described Little House on the Prairie chic.

Mumphord’s Place BBQ

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

This is “cowboy-style” barbecue, where the wood is burned to coals, then transferred to large metal pits in which the meat is placed on grates set about four feet directly above the heat.

Gonzales Food Market

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

2009: Pass through the glass door and you’ll hear a hum of activity as you walk toward the large glass cases that display the plethora of smoked meats available. Behind the counter to take your order will most likely be Richard Lopez, the third generation owner. I ordered a plate…

Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

2010: It was plenty busy on a Saturday at lunch time, but I was taking my order to go. They allow you to order by the quarter pound, so I went for a pork spare rib, a beef rib, and some brisket slices. The knife man clued me in that…

Two Bros. BBQ Market

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

2010: My second trip to Two Bros. was just a month after the first, but I had to get back there to see if the brisket would be great twice in a row. The smoked beef was good, but not as good as the first time. The slightly tough slices…


May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

The brisket fell into delectable shards while remaining moist, even after sixteen hours in the smoker. We missed the ribs, but the porcine portion of the barbecue family was well represented by two kinds of sausage, plain and spicy. Darn-good sides rounded out the offerings. The thick, sweet, tomato-tart sauce…

Lone Star Bar-B-Q

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

In all of Texas, only a handful of places have sausage you can get excited about. This is one of them.

Willie B’s Bar B.Q.

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

What’s better: the tangy brisket, the meaty ribs, or the small porky sausages? Debate it at the long communal table.

McBee’s B-B-Q (Pleasanton)

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

The pork chops were skinny but packed big flavor, and the mesquite-smoked brisket, while a tad dry, was fork-tender and wore deep-red smoke rings and a crusty char.

McMillan’s Bar-B-Q

May 3, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

The secret? “Love,” says Louis McMillan, the owner of this six-table outpost in this tiny town, just west of Victoria. Corny, sure, but that love—along with sixteen-plus hours over an oak-pecan-mesquite mix—turns out moist, tender brisket and fat little baby back ribs that are nicely charred on the outside and…