Afrikiko, a small West African restaurant in a strip center in the Mahatma Gandhi District, is warm and welcoming, as friendly a place as we’ve visited. And the food is pretty inviting too. The Ghanaian chef sends out dishes that are deep, complex, and spicy, most meant to be eaten with light, doughy fufu. Beef, long cooked and tender, warmed us, as did chunks of chicken simmered in a tomato base. Fried plantains served as a sweet counter to the heat, and a peanut soup was transcendent—light, savory, a bit vinegary, and surely worth a revisit. Less so was the pungent goat. Fluffy jollof, cooked in a puree of tomatoes and peppers, was terrific, as was the waakye (black-eyed peas and rice). Guinness is the drink of choice, and large bottles are inexpensive.