Looks can be deceiving. Who would have thought this tall building in west El Paso held a treasure on the ground floor. Basico is impressive, with a contemporary vibe, a comfortable bar, and an inviting outdoor space. The kitchen is bustling, preparing crispy, cheese-topped green-chile chilaquiles for breakfast, ahi tuna burgers for lunch, and aromatic coffees all day long. Basico is known for its specials, and Monday means burgers (the Basico Burger with chipotle aioli and grilled jalapeños needs no accompaniment). Tuesday is Taco Night and the Baja fish tacos and Asian shrimp tacos are showstoppers. Thursday is Pizza Night, and the arugula and prosciutto is large enough for four and unforgettable. Follow up with a Carajillo, which includes the brandy or whiskey of your choice. The ultimate complement to that is the multilayered tres leches cake topped with fresh fruit and brimming with cream.