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Dining Guide

BBQ on the Brazos

Photograph by Daniel Vaughn

The St. Louis cut ribs towed the line between Texas simplicity and over-seasoned competition style. The middle ground was pork rib perfection. Bite marks through the meat showed the superb texture and the flavors were a well balanced mix of sweet and heat from a rub and subtle glaze and smoke from post oak. A sprinkling of sweet rub over the entire tray just before serving added another level of flavor that was welcome on the ribs, but didn’t work so well with the brisket which needed no adornment. Thick slices from the flat had a thick black crust along the edges, and a solid smokiness all the way through. The fat along the top of the lean slices and coursing throughout the fatty slices was all nicely rendered. The fatty slices were cut too thick to be as tender as the lean, but it was all better than any brisket I’ve had in Fort Worth. It could even hold its own in Austin.

City: Fort Worth


Method: Gas-fired Rotisserie

Pitmaster: John Sanford

Price: $$

Rating: ★★★★

Address: 3803 Southwest Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas, 76116

Hours: Tues-Sat 10-4, Sun 11-3 or until sold out

Phone: (817) 386-2970

Website: https://www.bbqonthebrazoscressontx.com

Year Opened: 2013

Last updated: July 29, 2013


  • Nick Loesch

    Damn fine BBQ. had the Breakfast of Champions yesterday (Burnt Ends Ribs & Sausage) and might just go back tomorrow it was so good. Too bad I missed meeting the famous/infamous BBQSnob, Daniel Vaughan, maybe another day!

    • Steve Kilpatrick

      I agree! Best BBQ I have had anywhere in the Metroplex, including Pecan Lodge; and to top it off I did get to meet Daniel Vaughn on my last visit. He was there for this review.

  • Nick Loesch

    Steve, I can live without meeting Daniel, just wondering if he can live without meeting me! LOL! I have many more BBQ lunches,dinners and breakfasts in my belly than he does cause I am a gazillion years older than he is but the boy is catching up fast!

  • Kay Reese Moore

    Funny that you did not like the Corn Bread Salad — I drive to Cresson just for the salad and nothing else!

  • karin

    I visited back in July and my favorites were 1) the slice of fatty brisket, so perfectly rendered and sliced, it almost melted away – no chewing necessary. The lean was also good and cut some of the richness of it’s brisket cousin down the way. 2) The peppery, beef sausage – course and moist texturely with great black pepper flavor – you can probably hear the snap of the casing out in the parking lot. (For ribs – good here, but my taste buds and stomach are still ruled by Off the Bone in S. FW.)