Nothing but an ample parking lot reminds you that this was once an Enterprise rental car location. The inviting space has been transformed with shiny concrete floors, big windows, clean lines, and a few tables out back (which, right now, overlook a bit of construction, including a forthcoming brewery). Already popular, this all-day coffee shop/bar/eatery in the 78703 offers breakfasty items like the Waffle Iron Hashbrowns, a hefty portion of potato smothered in coffee-and-cream gravy and laced with melted asadero cheese, and the Country Biscuit Sandwich, a simple affair that showcases a fried chicken thigh sandwiched between biscuits slathered in jalapeñ0-honey butter. Lunch and dinner bring excellent sandwiches (a burger with 44 Farms beef, a redfish torta with escabeche), salads, chicken-fried steak, and more. A custom-made espresso machine from Seattle-based Mavam Espresso appeals to one half of the crowd, while the other makes tracks to the draft cocktails, like a delicious rum-pineapple concoction with a toasted-Thai-chile syrup.