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Dining Guide

Big Boy’s Bar-B-Que

Travel west or northwest from Sweetwater, in an area roughly the size of Pennsylvania, and you won’t find anything that touches the plates served here. Pitmaster Gaylan Marth cooks all his meat over mesquite-fueled pits (of his own design) in a porch behind the main restaurant. The brisket, cooked for between seven and nine hours, comes out with a salty-peppery, saliva-inducing kick and will melt in your mouth and make you forget about the dusty landscape around you.

The ribs come in two varieties, “My Ribs” and “Your Ribs.” If traditional pork spareribs are your thing, order the Your Ribs. The My Ribs are a bit different, a country-style rib cut from pork butt. Both are served with a light candied glaze that Marth makes himself and that doesn’t overpower the flavor from the salt-and-pepper rub or the delightful smokiness in each bite.

City: Sweetwater


Method: Mesquite; direct-heat pit

Pitmaster: Gaylan Marth

Pro-tip: Save room for Mrs. Marth's key lime pie.

Price: $$

Rating: ★★★★

Address: 2117 Lamar, Sweetwater, TX, 79556

Hours: M-W 11-6, Thur-Sat 11-8

Phone: 325-235-2700

Year Opened: 2000

Last updated: May 3, 2013


  • Anonymous

    Good reportage Daniel, I’m a sucker for what’s happening around me while I eat my meal.RL Reeves Jr

  • Born and raised in Memphis on pulled pork and ribs, I know a thing or too about good Q. I’ve been living in Texas for 10yr and have yet to find a good BBQ joint that serves pork until I stumbled on Big Boys last month. The ribs are great! In fact I found all the sides to be great too including the coconut cake. Now the pork shoulder was sliced instead of pulled but it was good too. 2 ??up