The queue for ’cue is the sign of success, and this acclaimed Bellaire spot already has long lines of eager fans. We arrived Wednesday at 1:30. “Turkey breast only,” they announced. Fine! We love smoked turkey breast, and BBB’s version is thick-sliced and juicy, with pepper-coated skin. The peppery house-made sauce will make you sweat, in a good way. The next day we returned at 1:00 and were blessed with the last pork ribs. They’re exceptional: tender, of course, but with enough chew to require a tiny pull, not too smoky, coated with pepper and Asian-inspired seasonings, and served with mustard-enhanced barbecue sauce. Stellar sides include stir-fried rice with chunks of brisket, sweet creamed roasted corn with jalapeño bits, and rockin’ coleslaw to cool the palate (though it’s also spiked with diced jalapeño).